Each undergraduate research grant proposal should follow the format below: 

  1. Cover Sheet
    A standard form has been developed for Undergraduate Research Grants and is available in the Office of the Provost or online.  Please provide the appropriate information, project title, and project description.
  2. Project Description
    Applicants will briefly describe the project they envision, with enough detail to provide a clear picture of the project but without technical or specialized description which would obscure the description's clarity.

    Applicants should give special attention to the following:

    1. The purpose of the project
      What are the objectives? What theoretical framework, if any, underlies the project?
    2. The significance of the research
    3. The plan of work
      What is the timetable for the work? What special tasks or processes will be involved?
    4. Anticipated results
      If all goes as expected, what can be the expected outcome of the project, and how will it enhance teaching or learning?
  3. Statement of Support


    A faculty sponsor should be identified who will review the student's proposal and agree to act as a resource person during the research project. A letter of support from the faculty sponsor is required as part of the student's application. 


    Normally an application will not include a letter of recommendation or statement of support from a dean or department chair.  However, the Creative Work and Research Committee reserves the right to request such a letter if the Committee believes that it would be helpful in making a decision on an application.

  4. Budget

    A brief, but specific, statement of how the grant will be spent (i.e., equipment, materials, stipends, travel, etc.)