photo-art-of-teachingThis event is an opportunity for high school senior students who are interested in pursuing the teaching profession as a career. Sponsored by the Professional Educators Partnership (PEP); Mathematics and Science Education Enrollment Development (MSEED); and Kappa Delta Pi, education honor society at Valparaiso University.  Discover the Art of Teaching provides an opportunity to explore a teacher’s career path with current education students and faculty.

The mission of the education department at Valparaiso University is to recruit, prepare, and support young people in our profession who will become part of the next generation of high-quality and inspirational teachers. The event will be held at Valparaiso University, Harre Union on Friday, November 3, 2017.

Information about the spring date for Discover the Art of Teaching coming soon.

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What to Expect on November 3, 2017

At Discover the Art of Teaching, you will:

  • Explore exciting opportunities for future teacher leaders
  • Learn about campus life – College 101 student-led panel discussion
  • Experience campus via a student-led tour
  • Attend a motivational talk and demonstration about teaching
  • Enjoy lunch with current education students and faculty


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Agenda Coming Soon

Student/Parent Letter

Colleague Letter


"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill the love of learning"

-Brad Henry