2021 Homecoming

The Grand Reopening of Meier Hall

Saturday, October 2nd

8:30-10:00 AM
Valparaiso University, Meier Hall

1800 Chapel Drive, Valparaiso, IN 46383

About the Event

Meier Hall is undergoing an exciting transition. The Department of Education will be combined with the Social Work and Leadership Departments, resulting in a new and innovative unit at Valparaiso University. We are inviting all education alumni and current students to join us in Meier Hall to celebrate this new collaboration. Please join us for a continental breakfast and the opportunity to attend two, brief professional development sessions hosted by fellow alumni.  2 PGP points will be available for those that attend this event. 

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP! We are so excited to have you back on campus and look forward to seeing you.


8:30-9:00 AM

Welcome breakfast and tours of Meier Hall led by current Education and Social Work Students

9:00-9:25 AM

Attend a professional development session led by Valpo alumni

9:30-9:55 AM

Attend a second professional development session led by Valpo alumni.

9:55-10:00 AM

Collect your PGP forms!

Speaker Spotlights

Ryan Eckart

Join Ryan for a jam packed session about sharing the great story from within your school or classroom.  Walls shouldn’t contain our excitement and the work of our students. They need an authentic audience and Ryan will share ways to expand their audience from the confines of the classroom, the eyes of the teacher and the kitchen refrigerator. You’ll walk out of the session with new ideas you’ll want to implement immediately!

Dominique Shirey

Join Dominique for an inspiring session about the benefits of Fine Arts integration into all subjects. Dominique has witnessed firsthand in her first full year of teaching how much students gain from looking at core subjects in different ways- including through the Arts. She will provide examples of how educators can use this in their classrooms and discuss the role of technology in the integration of Fine Arts. 

Kristina Kostides

Join Kristina for amazing tips in Social Emotional Learning. With all that has happened within the past year, students and teachers have been going through more than imaginable. Kristina is trained in Conscious Discipline and will guide you through valuable activities and techniques for providing SEL in your classroom.

Avery Barry

Join Avery for an enriching session! Engaging students in enrichment activities in the classroom can be one of the most important and fulfilling opportunities for students. Enrichment can foster student’s critical thinking and problem solving as well as provide more meaningful opportunities for students to interact with content. In this PD session, Avery will talk about the importance of integrating enrichment activities into the classroom and how you can get started. 

Melissa Fisher

Join Melissa for an insightful session- Edu (and other) Protocols for your Classroom. In the year (or two) we’ve been having, a little consistency can go a long way.  EduProtocols, from Jon Corrippo & Marlena Hebern, can help by creating consistent learning and even consistent fun!  In Melissa’s session, you’ll get to try a few of these protocols, and examine how their principles can help you design your own protocols & routines to keep your classrooms running all year long.