Strategies to Motivate All Students

Mark McLeod, Keynote Speaker

February 13, 2018

8:30 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. (CST)

Grades 5–8

Join us this spring for the 14th Annual Middle School Conference sponsored by the Professional Educators Partnership.  This workshop will be an interactive agenda and provide time for team building activities, role-playing real classroom scenarios, group sharing and guided handouts.  Middle level teachers from all disciplines will be inspired by powerful instructional strategies to motivate students and purposefully increases student participation.

Explore best practices that include building quality student relationships to impact the success of student learning.  Understand the power of utilizing a variety of questioning techniques to maximize class participation. Come prepared to have your thinking challenged with creative ways to motivate and energize students in the learning!

Keynote Speaker Bio  

Mark McLeod, AMLE Speaker is known for his dynamic and motivating presentations, Mark is a rare speaker who can speak to that heart of an educator.  He knows what it is like to “be in the trenches”. As  a lifelong educator, his educational experience includes teacher, coach, assistant principal, and principal.  He was twice selected as Teacher o the Year for Lumberton Public School District.

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