ASSESSMENT:  Fair is Not Always Equal

Rick Wormeli, Keynote Speaker

February 5, 2019

8:30 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. (CST)

Grades 5–12

Join us this spring for the 15th Annual Middle School Conference sponsored by the Professional Educators Partnership.  This workshop offers the latest research and common sense thinking when it comes to assessment.  Being sensitive to students’ readiness levels, interests, and learning challenges, while holding them accountable for the same standards, can be a challenge.  What’s fair and leads to real student learning?  We will candidly look at what grades really mean, and how to handle students’ failures, averaging, zeroes on the 100-point scale, homework, late work, feedback, re-doing work, setting up the grade-book, 100 vs. 4.0 scale, extra credit, group projects, grading exceptions students, and much more. The workshop will look at the ethics and logistics regarding students re-doing work and assessments for full credit.

In a curriculum-overload-culture come learn how you transform ideas that will affect how you ethically and accurately design, assess, and report student achievement. Come prepared to have your thinking challenged, with creative ways to address grading students that is fair and leads to real student learning!

Rick Wormeli, Keynote Speaker Bio  


One of the first National Board-Certified teachers in America, Rick brings innovation and energy to his writing and instructional practices.  He has spent the past 38 years teaching math, science, English, physical education, health, and history, as well as coaching teachers and principals. Rick’s work has been reported in numerous media outlets, including  Good Morning America and National Geographic magazine.  He is a columnist for AMLE Magazine, a contributor to ASCD’s Educational Leadership, and has presented in all fifty states and around the world.

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