Double the Speed of Learning:

4 Steps to Make Learning Stick

*Teachers and administrators from all disciplines will benefit (5-12)

LeAnn Nickelsen, Keynote

February 11, 2020

8:30 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. (CST)

Join us spring of 2020 for the 16th Annual Middle School Conference sponsored by the Professional Educators Partnership.  What happens when you combine neuroscience, formative assessment and differentiation research?  Learn what neuroscience says about memory and discover how it can transform instruction. This workshop explores the research that supports utilizing The Cha-Chas teaching process to change a classroom, a grade level, and entire school, or even a district!  Students acquire a small CHunk of content based on standards, then they CHew or process this content in different, high-impact ways.  While they are chewing, educators CHeck for understanding and CHange instruction (differentiate) as needed.   LeAnn models and shares assessment, strategies, and tools that teachers can use the next day to make these strategies super easy!  Every dance step improves student engagement drastically!  You will receive an amazing packet with many free resources in this powerful training.


 LeAnn Nickelsen, Keynote Speaker Bio  

LeAnn Nickelsen brings powerful, evidence-based tools and strategies that boost student achievement with lasting results.  LeAnn is a national expert at: closing learning gaps in struggling students (such as high poverty; special education; literacy thinking, and working memory challenges), differentiating instruction & growing literacy (to meet every student’s needs in all content areas), and follow-up coaching for confidence and collective efficacy (from relationship-building to lesson-planning; feedback and goal setting).  She’s a former teacher of the year, a Jensen-certified brain-research trainer for over 20 years, and has authored over 14 practical books including her 2019 release: Teaching with the Instructional Cha Chas: 4 Steps to Make Learning Stick and Deeper Learning: 7 Powerful Strategies for In-Depth and Longer-Lasting Learning (co-authored with Eric Jensen). LeAnn is an expert coach helping teachers incorporate best practices into their daily lesson plans and within their classrooms.


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