Early Entry Option

Undergraduate students at Valparaiso University can save credits and tuition through the baccalaureate/master’s early entry option in school psychology.

The early entry in school psychology is an option for undergraduate students at Valpo in any major who are willing to commit to the M.Ed./Ed.S. school psychology program upon completion of their bachelor’s degree.This program offers several benefits to Valpo undergraduates, including an early admission decision for graduate study. Graduate credits earned in this early entry option will also count toward the undergraduate degree.

Students enrolled in the early entry program commit to completing 6–9 credits of courses in the school psychology program during their senior year. Those courses can then be applied to their graduate study in school psychology.

Available courses include:

SPSY 540 Learning Exceptionalities 3 credits
SPED 547 Characteristics of Individuals with Mild Disabilities 3 credits
SPED 550 Models of Collaboration and Consultation in Special Education 3 credits
SPED 551 Applied Behavior Analysis 3 credits
PSY 590 Special Topics in Psychology 3 credits

Students are responsible for informing their instructor when course work is taken as part of the early entry program.


To be eligible, students must have:

  • Attained a cumulative grade point average of 3.3
  • Completed coursework in introductory psychology, human development, and basic statistics with grades of B or better
  • Completed the necessary undergraduate hours, as specified by their areas of major and minor, to graduate at the completion of their senior year

Interested students apply for the early entry program in the spring of their junior year. Students who meet the eligibility criteria should then:

  • Request that their undergraduate major advisor complete a form (included in the application packet) verifying that basic requirements for admission into the early entry program have been met. Students are also required to attach evidence of a recent degree audit.
  • Submit the School Psychology Early Entry Application to the Graduate School no later than March 1 of their junior year.

Once applications are received for the early entry program, the education department’s Graduate Admissions Committee will review candidates and select a limited number for admission.

To be formally admitted to the school psychology graduate program, students must:

  • Submit a current copy of their academic transcript to the Graduate School
  • Complete a final admission request for entry into the school psychology program

These steps should be completed by March 1 of the senior year.