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Tips from Derek Bol (Fitness Specialist):

Aim for mix of Push-Pull-Squat-Hinge activities throughout the week:

  • Push – Pushups, Bench or DB press, Vertical pressing variations, Landmine pressing
  • Pull – Pull-ups and other Vertical pulling variations, Horizontal rowing variations
  • Squat – Goblet, Back/Front Squat, Single Leg and Split-Stance Squats
  • Hinge – Romanian Deadlift (RDL), Single Leg RDL, Pull-Thrust

Look to Anti-extension/lateral flexion/rotational exercises for “core” strength:

  • Anti-extension – Plank variations, Rollout variations
  • Anti-lateral flexion – KB Carry variations, Side Planks
  • Anti-rotational – Pall of Holds/Press variations, Chop and Lift variations

Explore Loaded Carries:

  • Single arm KB/DB carries
  • Farmers Walks
  • Racked Carries