Jarron Slater

Visiting Associate Professor of English

College of Arts and Sciences 227


Professor Jarron Slater arrived at Valparaiso University on a warm August day in 2018 after finishing a PhD in Rhetoric and Scientific & Technical Communication at the University of Minnesota.

While Professor Slater began his academic career studying philosophy, English literature, and the history of rhetoric, he was eventually led to rhetoric’s practical application found in technical, professional, and medical writing. He has been teaching professional writing and rhetoric for 8 years, and has published in Rhetoric Review, The Journal of Religious and Theological Information, and the Journal of Communication and Religion. He is currently working on a book chapter that looks at the trans-disciplinarity of rhetoric and stylistic appeal. He also studies how literature, languages, and the humanities can help people to be better professional writers and communicators by providing professionals with the skills they need to make personal, empathetic, and real connections with other people.


B.A./M.S. – Brigham Young University

Ph.D. – University of Minnesota

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