Valpo Esports Advances to GGLeagues Playoffs

The Valpo Esports League of Legends team will be heading to the GGLeagues playoffs, finishing the regular season with a record of 5–2. They secured second in the standings by defeating Team Infernal in the final game of the season. 

The semi-finals take place on April 8 at 7 p.m. and the finals on April 15 at 7 p.m. The league consists of four teams, and they will all make the playoffs in the division.  

Davenport won the championship last year and finished first this year, but Valpo pulled off a dominant win against them earlier this season. With the two teams coming off strong seasons, the playoff series will be competitive. 

The GGLeagues is a state-based tournament that organizes Esports tournaments all across the Midwest. While Valpo represents multiple gaming teams, they are currently competing in GGLeagues with their League of Legends team. 

Due to current circumstances, Valpo Esports’ other leagues, including the cLOL League and NACE Rocket League, have been called off, and the team is forced to play remotely. Additionally, the playoffs are not able to be streamed through the Valpo Twitch stream. 

The team has overcome the struggles of communication that comes from playing remotely. They have had to understand body language and how momentum might be going without being in person. The team has adjusted by focusing on communicating and vocalizing their process and feelings.   

“All of our players have worked hard this season and put in a lot of effort to improve,” Esports Coach Chase Ludington says. “They have all met or exceeded all of my expectations, and I could not be more proud of each of them. Without all their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be in the position we are right now. Our team is going to continue working hard as we move into the playoffs. We’ve even got a few team compositions we’ve been preparing solely with the playoffs in mind over the last couple weeks and hid until this point.”