Facilities Management provides services in the following areas: maintenance, preventive maintenance, landscape maintenance, and building services.

Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Landscape Maintenance Building Services
Door hardware and security Indoor air quality Roads and parking lots Spot clean carpets
Fire extinguisher service Boiler permits and emissions Sidewalks and pavers Spot mop floors
Fire alarm systems Energy Management System Refuse removal Empty trash
Lighting/power Temperature control Landscape Dust flat surfaces
Time clocks Heating and air conditioning Trees/bushes Vacuum carpet
Limited elevator service Limited kitchen equipment maintenance Athletic field care Clean/disinfect shower areas
Waterless urinals Boiler and cooling tower treatment Mowing Stairs and entrances
Water leaks Septic water treatment Snow removal Clean urinals, sinks, toilet bowls
Heating and ventilation Swimming pool water chemistry Limited planting Clean mirrors
Gas and electrical problems Hot water Limited setups Event setups

Services Not Provided By Facilities Management

Although FM does not provide these services, guidance or direction to other vendors can be given.

  • Furniture refinishing, repair, or building
  • Sign making
  • Sound systems
  • Generators
  • Asphalt and concrete removal