University Surplus Property Redistribution

The Valparaiso University surplus property operation is dedicated to the redistribution of University property. All surplus transfer requests should be placed via a work order on our work order management system page SchoolDude Work Order System.

Moving/Removing Surplus Furniture and Equipment to/from Your Building

When an item is no longer needed by a department, the department should submit a work order and include all transfer information in the description of the work order. If you’re looking for surplus items for your department, place a work order to schedule a time to review University surplus items. If you find something for your department, submit another work order and include all transfer information in the description of the work order.

What Happens to University Surplus?

Furniture and Equipment: items in good condition are moved to a storage area and made available to all departments at no cost. Should there be no need on campus for the items in storage they will be sold or recycled. All items are transferred in “as is” condition. There is no charge for moving or removing surplus furniture and equipment. Once removed, the responsibility of the furniture or equipment transfers from the department to surplus property and is available for redistribution.

Computers and Printers: Surplus computers and printers go to IT. The hard drives are wiped clean of all software, including the operating system. Components and repair parts may be salvaged. Once this is complete, computers are recycled.

Sale of Surplus Property

  • Public auctions are held on an as-needed basis. This typically occurs once every few years.
  • Sales by invitational bid are held when appropriate.

Giving Property Away

Regardless of condition or value, you may not give Valparaiso University property to any person or entity. In some situations property may be donated to other nonprofit agencies. However, Facilities Management coordinates these efforts.

Refuse Property

Items found near or around trash containers and/or temporarily stored awaiting disposal are the property and responsibility of Valparaiso University. As such, items may not be removed from University property.