Universities, like congregations, are continually in the process of realizing their aspirations. Never fully achieved, an institution’s expression of its mission and vision capture its core hope and inspire its efforts to meet the challenges and opportunities of the day.

From its inception as a Lutheran university in 1925, Valparaiso University’s mission and vision has led it to intentionally and vigorously imbue its students with a sense of vocation that fosters spiritual maturity and significant service in home, job, congregation, community, and the world.

The means through which this life-giving understanding is learned and re-enforced is a rigorous pursuit of academic excellence in an environment that reflects a Lutheran Christian understanding of life, human nature, the church, corporate worship, and the study of the Scripture and theology.

From its Lutheran beginnings, Valparaiso University’s grasp of the importance of Christian vocation has been deeply influenced by the dreams and needs of Lutheran clergy and laity and the congregations they serve.