Valpo’s classics program offers several targeted scholarships that provide classics students with financial assistance.

Apply for the Foreign Languages and Literatures Scholarship by January of your senior year in high school ($1,000, renewable each year for a total of $4,000).

The Rev. & Mrs. Arthur L. Reinke & The Rev. & Mrs. Augustus Reinke Memorial Scholarship
Established by Edgar C. Reinke in honor of his parents and grandparents. Awarded to students who have completed one year of college Latin or Greek on the basis of academic excellence, not need. Renewable if the recipient elects to major in Latin, Greek, or classics.

The John and Dorothea Helms Endowed Scholarship
Annual award. Preference to students studying Greek or Latin.

Delta Upsilon Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi
Classics honorary. Awarded to students who have had at least one year of Greek or Latin. Preference given to Eta Sigma Phi members.

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