German & IECA
“When I was looking to choose a major, I wanted something that would combine my love of the German language with my dreams of working in the field of international relations. My International Economics and Cultural Affairs (IECA) and German majors allow me to study both of my passions in a comprehensive way.”

German & Int'l Business
“Valpo’s German department offers so many resources, both on and off campus, to enhance your foreign language abilities . . . the professors at Valpo are very well equipped to help me build knowledge and improve my confidence in the German language.”

German & Enhanced Int'l Business
 “The German program at Valpo provides all the essential ingredients to learn the German language and culture. From having coffee with local German speakers and attending traditional German cultural events, to reading German books from our own German library…”

German & Secondary Education
“I had very specific ideas for what type of university I wanted to attend. I knew I wanted to become a high school German teacher, so the university had to have a strong German department and a strong Education department.”

German & Engineering
“I was really excited when I learned about Valpo’s VIEP-German program. It was the perfect fit for what I wanted from both German and engineering.”


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