German & IECA
“Studying German in combination with International Economics and Cultural Affairs (IECA) has given me a broad overview of international relations and cultural studies while allowing me to focus on learning the German language and culture. The German program and my studies in IECA prepared me well for studying abroad in Germany, which was the turning point in my education towards being a more globally-minded person.”

German & Int'l Business
“Valpo’s Enhanced International Business in German program (EIB-German) gives me the opportunity to study abroad and have a co-op with a German business in order to gain work experience and prepare for my career. Being abroad gives me the opportunity to learn and experience German culture.”

German & Music
 “One of the biggest reasons that I decided to attend Valpo was the German program. I’ve really been able to grow and challenge myself since I’ve been here, and I have even been able to integrate my knowledge of German into my second major, Music Composition. It has been great!”

German & Secondary Education
“I had very specific ideas for what type of university I wanted to attend. I knew I wanted to become a high school German teacher, so the university had to have a strong German department and a strong Education department.”

German & Engineering
“I was really excited when I learned about Valpo’s VIEP-German program. It was the perfect fit for what I wanted from both German and engineering.”

German & Secondary Education
“Events like Theaterfest made Valpo my first choice, solely because of its high-quality German program. I am very confident in my education here and am exploring a career in Secondary Education to complement my passion for the language. This department has presented me with many unique opportunities, such as living in the Kade-Duesenburg German House and studying abroad in Tübingen.”


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