Kaitlyn Spaudie ’15

KAITLYN SPAUDIE ’15 knows the exact moment she realized her Valpo education had prepared her for a life of leadership and service. Named as one of the inaugural CAPS Fellows by the Institute for Leadership and Service, Kaitlyn served her internship with the National Lutheran Communities and Services and their senior-living facility, The Village at Rockville.

There, Kaitlyn recognized that her Valpo education had integrated her academic learning, service experience, and career goals into a deeper sense of calling and purpose. “My calling told me this was where I should be,” Kaitlyn says.

The CAPS Fellowship also connected Kaitlyn with Jana Broughton, whom she describes as a wonderful mentor and great example of a Christian woman in a leadership role. The relationship they developed was so strong that Jana hired Kaitlyn as her administrative assistant when she became executive director of Covenant Village of the Great Lakes in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Kaitlyn earned a bachelor of science in health care leadership and says, “I have so much to owe to my Valpo experience and the CAPS program. It helped define my calling and career goals, and it was great to find all of that at Valpo.”