Proud to be Valpo

Total Donors 2,107 Alumni Donors 1,732 First Time Donors 130 Golf Cart Drivers 9 Scoops of Culvers 500 Young Alumni Donors 308 Class Year with the Most Donors 1971 and 1973 Gold Suit Jackets Worn 1 Average Gift $256.27 Largest Gift $714,996.81 Thank You notes written 2,739 Students earned 1,525 points with #TalkToUnlock Challenge 1 first pitch thrown by the Crusader 2 Athletics Valpo Day wins by softball and baseball 10 golden #ValpoDay dollars found with on-campus scavenger hunt 24 hours of sharing Valpo spirit with our Valpo family
Proud To Be Valpo By the Numbers: Total Donors $714,997, Total Donors 2,107, Top Class Year Participation from 1971 and 1973, Thank You Notes Written 2,739, Total Alumni Donors 1,732, Smallest gift $1, Largest Gift $52,500, 1st Pitch Thrown by the Crusader, 1 Golden Jacket Worn, 500 scoops of Ice Cream Served, 9 Golf Cart Drivers, Number of Households Who Have Donated All 5 Years.


Because of you, our fifth annual Day of Giving, Proud to be Valpo, was an amazing day! Thank you for sharing your stories, showing your pride, and making a gift.

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Wear brown and gold and proudly display your Valpo spirit. Share photos of yourself and friends using #valpoday.

Here is How You can Make a Gift:


Make a gift through Valpo’s convenient and secure online giving site.


Call Valparaiso University and give your credit card number by phone at 219.464.5111.


If you are on campus, or in the area, stop by Loke Hall at 1100 Campus Drive South to drop off your gift from 9 a.m – 5 p.m. April 11.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What credit cards do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Q: If I mail my gift, will it count toward the goals for Day of Giving, Proud to be Valpo?

A: Yes, any gifts postmarked on or before April 11 will count. Additionally, any gift made in response to our Proud to be Valpo mailing or made online from March 26 – April 11, will automatically count.

Q: Can I choose where to direct my gift?

A: Yes. Gifts of any amount to any area of the University will count toward the Day of Giving, Proud to be Valpo. To designate your gift to a specific area or fund, scroll up to the Make a Gift, then select Designations.

Q: May I give a gift in memory or in honor of someone?

A: Yes. Please include the name of the person you wish to remember or honor. If you would like us to send a note to notify the honoree or family of the deceased, please also include the appropriate name(s) and mailing address.

Q: I’d like to get involved at Valpo. Where can I request volunteer information?

A: Thank you for your interest to lead and serve at Valpo. Please visit for information on how to get involved.

*If you wish to speak with someone directly about making your gift, please call 219.464.5111.