Valparaiso University Parents Council members serve as ambassadors on behalf of Valparaiso University, promoting and supporting Valpo to external audiences. More importantly, Parents Council members act as liaisons between all parents of Valpo students, the students themselves, and the University.

Move-in Day

Every fall, you and your student pack up part of the house and move it to Valpo. Parents Council members are on campus to help with refreshments, directions, information, or just a seat and a tissue – the Parents Council Welcome Tent provides useful information and a place to rest. Council members also host an informal Parent Farewell Reception in the afternoon to provide parents with one last chance to ask questions, get support, or grab a refreshment before hitting the road.

Family Weekend

Each fall, families are invited to campus to visit their students, enjoy a variety of activities, and explore the campus and all it has to offer. The weekend is about three things – Valpo, family and fun! Family members of all ages are encouraged to attend. For more information about the weekend, visit our Family Weekend page.

Valpo FOCUS Sessions

Members are on hand at a Parents Council-sponsored booth to answer questions and help incoming students and their parents see firsthand what Valpo student life is all about. At FOCUS, parents get to attend class, live in a residence hall and eat delicious cafeteria food. This is one of the few opportunities they will have to immerse themselves in the college experience.


The Parents Council gathers on campus twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, to plan the year’s activities. We also meet with faculty, staff and the administration to receive state-of-the-campus updates.


Chances are that you have already heard from us in one way or another. The Parents Council works with the admission office to publish the “Valpo Parent” for incoming parents three times a year and we keep our Web site up to date so you have access to all the information you need. Write to us at or fill out our online contact form.

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