Introduction to Gender Studies

GNST 201. Introduction to Gender Studies.
Cr. 3. An introductory course exploring the issues in gender construction within our society together with the ways that gender issues have affected the various disciplines within the university. This course is intended to introduce the student to the courses in the gender studies minor as a foundation for studying the issues related to gender in the other courses included in the minor.

GNST 201 will ordinarily be offered every spring and will be taught in alternate years by a male faculty member, Prof. James Moore, and a female faculty member, Dr. Carolyn Leeb. 

GNST 290. Topics in Gender Studies.

Cr. 1-3 Intensive study of a special topic in gender studies. Topics may focus on theory and method; on the intersection of gender studies with other disciplines; or on particular groups, such as women of color. May be repeated for credit if the topic varies.