GNST 201 Introduction to Gender Studies 3 Cr.
Social and Life Sciences
ECON 233 Economics of Race and Gender 3 Cr.
PSY 390 Topics: Psychology of Women 3 Cr.
SOCW 390 Women: Social Support and Developmental States 3 Cr.
SOC 220 The Family 3 Cr.
NUR 322 Women and Their Health 3 Cr.
Humanities and Fine Arts
ART 311 Art History and Feminism 3 Cr.
ART 318 Nineteenth Century European Art 3 Cr.
ENGL 390 Women's Writing/Women's Lives 3 Cr.
HIST 390 Topics: The Great Witchcraft Delusion 3 Cr.
THEO 317 The New Testament in Its Cultural Environment 3 Cr.
THEO 326 History of Women in the Church 3 Cr.
THEO 343 Theology of Marriage and Sexuality 3 Cr.
CC 300 Love and Friendship 3 Cr.
CC 300 Inventing the Body 3 Cr.

Many additional courses for the minor will be offered as topics courses and departmental seminars, each of which must be approved and will be publicized by the administrative committee each year. Students wishing to use a course not listed above must have the course approved by the administrative committee prior to enrolling in the course.