Students who wish to complete a Gender Studies Major can do so through the catalogue provisions for an Individualized Major, with approval from the Gender Studies Committee. Interested students should discuss this possibility with an advisor and make an appointment to talk about how this major has been developed by other students in the past.

The procedure for an individualized major, quoted from the 2007-2008 Valparaiso University catalogue, is as follows:

An approved individualized major of thirty credit hours may be presented instead of the departmental majors listed above. This major is intended for students with clearly defined academic or career objectives who feel that their specific needs are not met by the departmental major option nor by the interdisciplinary program option described below. A student in the College of Arts and Sciences may propose a plan for an individualized major, using the form available in the Dean’s office. The major must satisfy the following conditions.

  1. The proposed major must include at least 30 credit hours but not more than 48 credit hours chosen from two or more departments.

  2. None of the courses chosen may be courses used to meet the General Education Requirements.

  3. The proposed major must be supported and supervised by a faculty advisor.

  4. A comprehensive statement by the student justifying the major must accompany the individualized Major form. This form must list the specific courses to be taken and be signed by the student and the faculty supervisor before it is presented to the Dean’s office for approval. Any revisions must also be approved by the Dean of the College.

  5. The proposed major must be submitted to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for approval, preferably by the beginning of the junior year, but no later than the deadline for filing for degree candidacy.

The selection of courses for the individualized major should reflect serious deliberation on the part of the student and advisor. Normally, the individualized major will not included lower division courses or courses of an introductory nature.

The individualized major may be freely substituted for a departmental major in any of the various combinations available to students in meeting major requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Courses taken for this major may not be counted for credit toward a minor or a second major.