Geography uniquely combines a strong liberal arts education with marketable professional skills.

Geographers study the earth and its diverse people and environments seeking to understand how humans perceive and transform places and landscapes around the world. Geographers explore and analyze the spatial organization of natural and social phenomena by utilizing field observations, modeling skills, and computer mapping tools, such as geographic information systems (GIS). With one of the oldest and most respected geography departments in the United States, Valpo has produced a steady stream of successful professional geographers.

B.A. and B.S. Degrees

All geography majors have the opportunity to learn practical skills in geographic information systems and remote sensing techniques, computer cartography, integrative thinking, research methodologies, statistical analysis, field observation, and professional writing. Students develop these skills through coursework, field experiences, internships, and various on-campus student activities and programs.

Geography majors may choose to pursue either a bachelor of science, a bachelor of arts in geography, or a bachelor of arts in geography education.

Bachelor of Arts

The B.A. in geography allows students flexibility to explore the breadth of geography (cultural, environmental, geospatial technology, and physical) or to specialize in one of four areas of the discipline. The B.A. in geography education prepares students for a career as a secondary education teacher in geography or social studies.

B.A. Concentrations

Within the geography major, students may focus their studies further by selecting one of the following concentrations:

  • Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Environmental Geography
  • Urban Geography and Regional Planning
  • Human/Cultural Geography

Bachelor of Science

The B.S. in geography is a structured major that focuses on geomorphology, climatology, biogeography, and geospatial technology.

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wide_head“Mapping is an exercise in understanding geographic space beyond our vicinity.”

Associate Professor of Geography Bharath Ganesh Babu

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