B.A. in Geography

The 30-credit B.A. in geography combines liberal arts with highly marketable technical instruction. Four concentrations are available.

The B.A. in geography introduces the discipline to students pursuing a second major or minor in any discipline, including arts, humanities, and natural or social sciences. With additional geography credits totaling at least 40, but no more than 48 hours, this degree can serve as a stand-alone major with no second major or minor. In addition to the required courses listed below, students are encouraged to take advantage of field research opportunities relevant to their areas of interest.

Degree Requirements


B.A. students in geography at Valpo must complete the general-education requirements for the bachelor of arts in the College of Arts and Sciences. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical thinking skills while introducing students to global cultures and traditions.

Major Requirements

The B.A. in geography requires a minimum of 30 credits in the discipline. Geography courses are chosen by the student in consultation with his or her advisor and must include the following:

  • Two 100-level courses
  • Two 200-level courses
  • Four courses at the 300 level or higher

Up-to-date course descriptions and course prerequisites can be found in the University Catalog.


Within the geography major, students may focus their studies further by selecting one of the following concentrations: