GEO 385/585 (3 credits)
Typically Spring Session including Spring Break

Rainbow over Hawaii

This field course reviews the existing state of knowledge about volcanoes, with a focus on recent research advances in Hawaii using the Hawaiian volcanoes as a natural outdoor laboratory, and will show how volcanology is firmly based on physical principles.

Features expected to be visited include: volcanically active Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, older and newer lava fields, lava tree molds, lava cave tubes, active lava flows (if flowing), Pu’u O’o crater (if erupting), and a geothermal power plant. If eruption conditions are favorable and permission can be obtained for visiting special sites, it is appropriate for students to have long pants, boots or sturdy shoes, gloves, sunscreen, and portable water. A backpack may be desirable.

Typical cost (2015): $1,500, which covers round-trip transportation to Hawaii, entrance fees, van rental, and lodging.  This course typically occurs every other year during Valpo’s spring break.

Lava flow

Photos on this page by Geoff Burns

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