Program Description

The International Commerce & Policy program (ICP) provides training in the political, legal, cultural and social aspects of global commerce, business and economics. This 37-credit program, distinct from the MBA degree, is designed especially for international and U.S. students wanting to develop proficiency and understanding in areas related to international relations, politics, business, law and policy. The program, usually completed in 15-18 months if the student begins coursework in the fall, consists of a core of 25 credits. From there students may pursue one of several options, including a Commerce track, a Policy track, a non-specialized track, and/or a Thesis track. Students who are non-native English speakers may add English for Business to their core requirements. Up to 3 elective credits may be taken from language courses in the student’s non-native tongue.

Especially for International Students

The program is responsive to the needs and interests of international students, and approximately half of the students enrolled in the ICP program are from abroad (current and former international students come from: Belize, Brazil, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Ivory Coast, Japan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates). Attractive features include:

  • Exposure to key elements of international commerce, policy, administration, and law,
  • Business English component for non-native English-speaking students,
  • Wide range of course options that can be tailored to meet individual interests,
  • Access to the resource of the INTERLINK English language center.


Core Requirements   25-26 cr
Must take each of the following classes: 
 ECON 623  International Economics    3 cr
 ICP 610  International Commerce & Policy: Case Studies  3 cr
 ICP 661  International Political Economy  3 cr
 ICP 662  International Competitiveness, Politics, and Policies  3 cr
 ICP 670  Law and Legal Principles  2 cr
 ICP 689  Professional and Career Development  0-1 cr
 ICP 699  Seminar in Global Strategies (two semesters)  1 cr
 One of the following:
 ICP 614 International Marketing  3 cr
 ICP 615 New Venture Creation  3 cr
 ICP 616 Import and Export: Planning and Procedure  3 cr
 One of the following:
 ICP 620  Cross-Cultural Management  3 cr
 ICP 621  Global Leadership and Team Development  3 cr
 One of the following:
 ICP 671 International Business Transactions 3 cr
 ICP 677 Public International Law and WTO  3 cr
 ICP 678 International Commerce and Trade Law  3 cr


Students must choose one of the following tracks: commerce, law and policy, general or thesis.

 Commerce Track  (Choose 12 credits from the following options)  12 cr
 ECON 621  Managerial Economics  3 cr
 ICP 613  Future of Business in a Global Economy 3 cr
 ICP 614  International Marketing  3 cr
 ICP 615  New Venture Creation  3 cr
 ICP 616  Import and Export: Planning and Procedure 3 cr
 ICP 650  World Bank Issues  3 cr
 ICP 671  International Business Transactions  3 cr
 ICP 678  International Trade and Commerce Law  3 cr
 ICP 686  Internship  -OR-  1-3 cr
 ICP 692      Research in International Commerce & Policy  1-3 cr
 ICP 690  Banking in a Global Economy 3 cr
 ICP 690  Microfinance  3 cr
 MBA 500-Level Courses 2-6 cr
 One of the following:
 LS 604  Intensive English Language  4 cr
 LS 605  English for Business  4 cr
 LS 608  Professional Writing and Research  4 cr
 IT 603  Information Management 2 – 3 cr
 IT 604  Project Management 3 cr
 Other approved courses 3 cr


 Law and Policy Track (choose 12 credits from the following options) 12 cr
 ICP 650  World Bank Global Issues 3 cr
 ICP 663  Comparative Public Policy  3 cr
 ICP 671  International Business Transactions  3 cr
 ICP 677  Public International Law and WTO  3 cr
 ICP 678  International Trade and Commerce Law  3 cr
 ICP 686  Internship   -OR-  1-3 cr
 ICP 692     Research in International Commerce & Policy  1-3 cr
 ICP 690  Developing Nations: Economics and Politics  3 cr
 ICP 690  Non-Profit Organizations  3 cr
 Other approved courses  3 cr


General Track                                                                          12 cr
Students may choose 12 credits of electives from either track above based on their professional interests.


Thesis Track                                                                       15 cr
Students may choose a specialized or general track and must take ICP 692 and pass with a grade of A. Students must then enroll in ICP 795, Master’s Thesis.


Criteria for Admission

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School as well as demonstrate adequate preparation for successful study in the program.

  • Valparaiso University Graduate Application;
  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent from a college or university. If you have received an undergraduate or graduate degree from Valparaiso University, you are not required to submit an official transcript from Valparaiso University;
  • College level coursework in microeconomics and preferably comparative politics (or its equivalent);
  • Recommendations from two faculty at the student’s undergraduate institution;
  • TOEFL score of at least 550, 213 computer version, 80 iBT version, or completion of comparable level of INTERLINK language instruction.

Early Entry Option for VU Undergraduates

Qualified VU juniors and seniors may apply to begin graduate course work in International Commerce & Policy prior to graduation. This unique program allows students to save time and money on their graduate programs. For more information, students should speak with their academic advisors and contact an admissions counselor at the Graduate School.

Financial Considerations

Students may be surprised to discover the affordable tuition rate at Valparaiso University. Please visit the Student Financial Services website for current tuition rates. Financial aid may be available for students taking 6 credits or more during fall and spring semesters.

 University Assessment Practices


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