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Doreen Olguin-Flores

Doreen Olguin-Flores

Doreen Olguin-Flores TESOL

What are you hoping to accomplish and or offer to GSAC?

I would love to be a part of promoting and helping to increase students’ attending the Graduate School at Valparaiso University. Reaching out to recent students who graduated, community people who are thinking of second and third career moves is a possible group of people who we should reach out to.  Also, sharing my experiences as a graduate student with other students to help inform them if they are on the fence about Graduate programs.

What are three expectations that you have of this council? 
  1. For us to collaborate and help increase our student population attending the Graduate School, 100 new students per year to accomplish the 1000 Graduate Student Goal within 5 years or less.
  2. Market and promote the Graduate School Programs within the community and recently undergraduate student population, besides the International students we do get each year has dropped drastically with Covid-19 pandemic and prior to it.
  3. Help keep our current students happy, involved and informed about opportunities that would benefit them now and in the future.
How do you plan to represent graduate students on GSAC? 

Hopefully in a couple of ways; as a student, I get to hear what other students are saying about an instructor or other classes they are taking and about their current experiences and can share my experiences with them as well.  If involved in one of the subcommittees of GSAC, represent Graduate Students as best as I can with an open mind. 

What led to your decision to become a graduate student at Valpo?

To be honest, I wanted to benefit from the opportunity for full time staff to attend VU tuition free, so I joined the MALS program in 2008 and my concentration was Ethics and Values, which is needed in any career field and I felt it helped make me a more well rounded person.  This was for total enrichment for myself since I took business courses in my undergrad, as a Business Management major.  I felt I lacked additional liberal studies and this program was perfect for me. I graduated December 2013.

What is one interesting fact about yourself?

When I was 10 years old my mom took me to Mexico City to meet family and we visited the Sun and Moon Aztec Pyramids and I climbed them both.

What is your favorite food? 

I like many different kinds of food, but Italian and Mexican foods are my first favorites.

Thank you, Doreen Olguin-Flores