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Nate Izewski

Nate Izewski

Nate Izewski Analytics & Modeling

What are you hoping to accomplish and or offer to GSAC?

My expectation is to represent my fellow graduate students and be a voice for them in any situation that arises. I would like to promote the graduate school to other students and increase awareness of how valuable it is to be a graduate student at Valpo. I will offer my unique input on issues that are presented to the GSAC so that we as a committee can make the best decisions possible. I hope the help I provide will lead the Valpo graduate school to be a more welcoming place for any students who want to further their education. 

What are three expectations that you have of this council? 

I expect the GSAC to assist in the recruitment process of prospective students. One of our goals is to increase the number of students in the graduate school, and I am certain that this is achievable since the Valpo graduate school is an outstanding place for dedicated and motivated students. Next, I expect the council to be a voice for the students in the graduate school, helping to ensure that students are treated fairly and that they have the best possible experience with their journey through their program. In addition, I expect this council to be a leader in important decisions made in the graduate school. It is critical that we as students play a leadership role when assessing propositions and concerns within our own individual programs and the Valpo graduate school as a whole.

How do you plan to represent graduate students on GSAC? 

As a member of the GSAC, I plan to represent graduate students by helping to recruit prospective students and advertising the great quality of the Valpo graduate school. I will also represent my fellow students by learning what their expectations and interests are, so that I am not simply making decisions based on my views or the views of the GSAC, but based on the whole graduate school. It is important to be in community with other graduate students so that this goal can be achieved.

What led to your decision to become a graduate student at Valpo? 

I never want to stop learning, and I desired a warm, welcoming environment where I could keep learning, so I chose to stay at Valpo to continue my education. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Analytics and Modeling program, and I am excited to use the skills I learn to make the world a better place. I was also presented with an opportunity to run collegiately for another year. It is an honor to be a college athlete as well as a student, so joining the Valpo graduate school and competitively running were perfect opportunities for me.

What is one interesting fact about yourself?

After I finish my collegiate running career, I want to run a marathon in all fifty states. I am also interested in running races in countries outside of the United States.

What is your favorite food? 

My favorite food is pasta. It is a good source of carbohydrates, making it perfect for dinner the night before an important race.