2018–2019 Recruitment Counselor Team

The Sorority Recruitment Counselor Team is a select group of sorority women who provide support and guidance to women exploring membership in a sorority. Each woman who registers for the formal recruitment process in January will be assigned a Recruitment Counselor once she registered, and this woman will serve as her mentor and guide through the recruitment process. The following is a listing of the 2018–2019 Recruitment Counselor Team!

Olivia Ross
Head Recruitment Counselor

HometownHudsonville, Michigan
Majors: Nursing
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: My favorite dog is a pug!

Lydia Spone
Vice President of Recruitment

HometownMuskego, Wisconsin
Major: History and Communictions
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I am obsessed with Disney and own close to 40 Disney movies

Stephanie Davis
Panhellenic President

Hometown: Whiteland, Indiana
Major: Business Management
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I grew up on a horse farm and my favorite part was taking my horses trail riding during the summer!

Brittany Busby
Recruitment Counselor

Hometown: Schereville, Indiana
Major: Health Science – Physicians Assistant Program
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I have never ran a mile

Samantha Dehoyos
Recruitment Counselor

HometownChesterton, Indiana
Major: Marketing with a minor in Business Analytics
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I usually go to Starbucks twice a day

Megan Elsner
Recruritment Counselor

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Majors: Nursing
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I am on a Nursing Research Team here on campus and we travel to Nicaragua every spring break!

Abigail Fate
Recruitment Counselor

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Major: Psychology
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I am going to Uganda this summer as part of a public health internship. 

Katie Goysich
Recruitment Counselor

HometownPorter, Indiana
Major: Nursing
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: Number one on my bucket list is to travel the world and visit every country!

Zoe Kelm
Recruitment Counselor

HometownSpringfield, Illinois
Major: Marketing
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I eat popcorn at least once a day

Madison Plunkett
Recruitment Counselor

HometownGreencastle, Indiana
Major: Elementary Education
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: I was on the Today show on my 18th birthday!

Paige VanBergen
Recruitment Counselor

Hometown: Geneva, Illinois
Major: Elementary Education with minors in Spanish and Special Education
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I am obsessed with pigs!

Lauren Zeeb
Recruitment Counselor

Hometown: Lake Villa, Illinois
Major: Civil Engineering
Year: Senior
Fun Fact:  I have had 15 people in my family attend Valpo, so you can say that Valpo is definitely home. I am also a 3rd generation involved in fraternity and sorority life at Valpo, my Grandpa, my mom and me.

Nikki Zoumis
Recruitment Counselor

Hometown: Valparaiso, Indiana
Major: Secondary Education and History
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: My spirit animal is Rachel Green from Friends!


Bethany Riethmeier
VP of Standards

Hometown: Rochester, New York
Major: Criminology
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I live in New York, but I have never been to New York City

Madison Magiera
VP of Operations

HometownHebron, Indiana
Major: English Literature with a Criminology minor
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: I like to drink pickle juice! Yum!

Hilary Van Oss
VP of Programming

Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois
Major: Political Science and Global Service
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: During the summer of 2018, I am studying abroad in Costa Rica!

Nicole Jones
VP of Public Relations

HometownRockford, Michigan
Major: Digital Media Art
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: I worked in an ice cream shop for four years even though I don’t like ice cream!



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