The Department of History and the
Valparaiso University Archives and Special Collections
would like to thank the
Florence and Laurence Spungen Family Foundation
for the loan of their Holocaust materials that are currently
on display in the Christopher Center.
These displays are open to the public.


A Survivor’s Luck

Casey Terry, a student in the Internship and Independent Study in the University Archives,
was instrumental in cataloging and preparing this display,
currently located near the circulation desk in the Christopher Center.


Ghettos of the Holocaust

In collaboration with the Department of History, this exhibit displays reproductions of materials on loan from the Florence and Laurence Spungen Family Foundation regarding the Holocaust.  Students in HIST 390B: The Holocaust selected photos from a scrapbook depicting life in the ghettos and interns from HIST 386/590 (who also selected photos) worked on making the reproductions seen in the display.  All students wrote about why they chose the images that can be seen.  The display primarily consists of material from the Łódź ghetto.  It contains original artwork from the ghettos, correspondence from various smaller ghettos, and documentation pertaining to the gassing of Jews in Chełmno (the extermination center where most of the Jews of Łódź were killed).  The originals of the items on display can be seen in the Archives.