Ben Lieske, Class of 2006

Ben LieskeWhat are you doing now?

I teach US and World History, as well as Psychology, at Valparaiso High School.

I realize the difference my history studies have made in my life whenever…

I have an anecdote about a place on a road trip that typically causes my wife to roll her eyes…On a deeper level, every so often as a teacher you have a moment where you know you have impacted a student.  It might be with a fun fact, or a different perspective on a common historical narrative, or just a story that happens to resonate.  But when one of those moments happens, I know it is often the result of my history training at VU.

What is your best memory associated with history at Valpo?

The professors.  At VU, the professors tend to be very friendly, passionate, open, and accessible.  The history department is the epitome of that concept.  The faculty are always willing to help any student with even the most trivial of issues.  They are extremely friendly and will often organize opportunities to meet up socially.