Dorothy Drummond, Class of 1949

DDMillerAwd2010Why did you choose a degree in history?

I was looking for a discipline that would help me to understand my place in the world.
Eventually, I combined history and geography, so that my worldview now combines time and place.

What are you doing now?

I’m about to rewrite (3rd edition, revised) my book, Holy Land, Whose Land?  Modern Dilemma, Ancient Roots.  I’m retired from the geography department of Indiana State University.  I continue to dabble in topics that interest me, most of which apply both history and geography.  In recent years I’ve also planned and facilitated tours of three to four weeks duration, for both teachers and others, to China, Australia, New Zealand, India, Turkey, Chili, Peru, and Namibia.

What is your best memory of history at Valpo?

In the days before audio-visual equipment was available, Dr. Schweibert would chalk on the board complicated diagrams of his own conception, providing horizontal linking of movements and people.  I still remember those diagrams, in concept if not in detail.  He taught European history and in particular the history of the Reformation.