Nathan Press, Class of 2005

Nathan PhotoWhat are you doing now?

I am the Social Media Community Manager for Family Express Corporation in Valparaiso.

How have your history studies figured into your life since graduation?

The two skills that I directly attribute to my history degree are my writing ability and my problem solving skills.  In the business world, these two skills have been invaluable in helping me to communicate, solve complex problems, and advance in my career.

What is your best memory associated with the history department at Valpo?

Without a doubt, the time I spent in Professor Bloom’s History of Sports in America class.  It was a class that made me think critically about something that I had always loved and gave me a new perspective on sports.  It has also blossomed into a friendship with a professor, whom I have stayed in contact with for the past eight years and whom I have asked for advice and discussed business issues with in even just the last year.