Katie Burakowski, Class of 2004

BurakowskiWhy did you choose a degree in history?

After three semesters in another major I realized that I was unhappy and wanted a change.  I felt lost and didn’t know exactly where to go.  I happened to be enrolled in Professor Bloom’s African American History class to satisfy a general education requirement and I really enjoyed his instruction as well as the course content.  We developed a great relationship and started engaging in conversations about my academic career and future goals.  It was through these conversations that I realized how welcome I felt in the department and also how invested the faculty were in my success.

What are you doing now?

I am currently an assistant professor of sports management at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY.

How have your history studies helped you in life?

My experience in history has helped me to understand the context of developments in sport. For example, it’s impossible to talk about Title IX and its implications for sports without having a working knowledge of mid-century American culture.  My background in history also helps me to highlight the importance and usefulness of a liberal arts education for my students.

What would you want a prospective major to know about history at Valpo?

The history department impacted me so greatly that every time I find myself in Indiana I make a point to stop by to visit my favorite professors.  The relationships developed within the department really are life-long and genuine.