professor_ramos_2014Tell a little about your background

I was born and raised in the U.S.-Mexico border, along the Tijuana-San Diego region. Perhaps surprisingly, I do not particularly miss California, even its yearlong summer. Maybe because I spend my life in creaky, dark archives and libraries, I stopped paying attention. Or I am simply on my way to becoming a full-blown mid-westerner.

You most recently lived in Chicago. Is it your favorite city?
It shares that title with Mexico City.  I encourage students to travel and explore, whether informally or via the numerous opportunities (Fulbright, Teach for America, etc.). Few activities are as rewarding. You do not have to go too far. Every city and neighborhood holds fascinating surprises.
What do you most enjoy when it comes to teaching?

Topics such as Latin American history, transnational history, Latino history, and U.S.-Latin American relations. I particularly enjoy teaching about Latin America in global perspective. Themes could include imperialism, migrations, race, science, cities, sports, film, etc. Since I advocate for ignorance of the good kind—I assume that there is always more to know about everything— I am open to suggestions, too.

What are your research interests?

I am a historian of Latin America, with a focus on Mexico. I am currently writing a book that will challenge how we think about US-Mexico history. While myths of conflict and incompatibility persist, I intend to show how both countries have made each other. My next projects will include oil politics, science, and the Cold War in Mexico.

What about your life beyond work? Any favorite hobbies?
I’m a big sports fan! In particular soccer (Club América), football (Chargers), baseball (Padres), basketball, and boxing. While my soccer skills have largely eroded, I think I can still hold my own in pick up games.
Anything else you want to say?
I greatly look forward to working with students and excited to join Valpo. Feel free to visit me at office hours or write me an email. I am happy to chat about anything of interest.
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