The IECA Program at Valparaiso University

IECA is an interdisciplinary major in which students gain breadth of knowledge in international affairs as they learn in depth about a chosen region of the world (Europe, East Asia, or Latin America) and the language spoken in that region. Advanced coursework in a foreign language and culture as well as economics is supplemented by classes in political science, history, and geography. IECA majors go on to a variety of careers, from international business to policy development to international education.

Internship Testimonial
Outstanding IECA Senior
2010 International Workshop
Susan Van Dyke, '08
(Political Science)

"As both an IECA and a Political Science major, I have always been thoroughly interested in many different areas of politics and interpersonal relations.  This semester, I have been fortunate enough to be able to intern at the campaign headquarters for Indiana Congressman Pete Visclosky. Through the Crusader Connection Program at VU, I have been given the opportunity..." (Read more about internships.)
Nathan LaGrave, '11
The IECA program this year recognized Nathan LaGrave as its Outstanding Senior. Following graduation, Nathan will travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand for six months to work with a nonprofit  group dealing with issues related to human trafficking.(Read more about IECA graduates.)
Hostage Crisis
IECA students participated in this year's International Workshop, an educational simulation that recreated the fictitious world of an all-too-familiar scenario: the hijacking of an American airplane by a Middle Eastern terrorist group demanding the release of political prisoners by a neighboring country in exchange for the safe return of the US hostages.

Contact Information

Program on International Economics and Cultural Affairs

Prof. Debra Ames
Associate Professor of Spanish and Chair of IECA
117 Meier Hall