Jennifer Clessas, '08

Internship Coordinator, EF International Language School

Please provide an overview of the kinds of duties you perform at this job.
I work with students from over 50 countries around the world-placing them in internships in the San Diego area. I teach them how to write an American resume/cover letter and practice interviews. In addition, I teach a class on working in American businesses.

What additional training (beyond your undergraduate degree) did you need for your current job?
I didn't need any, but my study abroad experiences in multiple countries definitely prepared me to interact, teach, and demonstrate American culture to foreign students.

In your current position, do you use any of the information or skills you learned as an IECA major in particular (a foreign language, understanding of economics, politics, cross-cultural sensitivity, research, etc.)?
I definitely use foreign language skills, a little economics, and absolutely cross-cultural sensitivity!

If you have any additional news to share with your former professors or any insights/advice for IECA majors considering their career options, please provide it in the space below.
Now that I am in a position as an internship coordinator and placing students into jobs, I realize that one of my most important classes was Business English, which is not an IECA requirement but proved unbelievably helpful in finding a job and honing my interviewing skills. For many students, resume building/ cover letter writing/ interviews are something that are unfamiliar until they graduate. I believe adding Business English to the curriculum would benefit the students greatly. Besides that, the program was fabulous!