Jill Guzman, '92

International Employment Manager at North Carolina State University

Advanced Degree:

J.D., 1995,  DePaul University College of Law

Please provide an overview of the kinds of duties you perform at this job.

Job duties: Responsible for the nonimmigrant and immigrant visa process for faculty and staff at the university, including drafting immigration petitions and applications for submission to the immigration service (CIS); advising faculty and staff on immigration issues and options open to them and their families; advising the university departments on feasibility of timelines and costs of various immigration processes for their faculty and staff members.  Also responsible for the employment verification and compliance system in place at the university, to meet state and federal rules and regulations.

What additional training (beyond your undergraduate degree) did you need for your current job?

For this position at NC State University, I needed to have a law degree, as well as prior experience in immigration law.  Before joining the university, I worked in Chicago for almost 10 years as a Senior Associate at Fragomen, a global immigration law firm. I supervised other attorneys, paralegals and support staff, and managed a caseload a numerous corporate clients, handling all of their immigration needs.  I also gave presentations to clients and other HR and international relocation-oriented organizations on immigration and compliance topics.

In your current position, do you use any of the information or skills you learned as an IECA major in particular?

In my current (and prior) job, I do occasionally use my language skills (but not as much as one might think), and I most definitely use the cross-cultural, and general socio-political and economic background I gained to more fully understand the factors involved in every immigration situation I dealt with.

If you have had positions in the past that also might be of interest to our majors, please feel free to include information about them as well.

Please see above for my most immediate past position with Fragomen.  Prior to joining Fragomen, I worked for 2.5 years at the International Human Rights Law Institute at DePaul’s College of Law.  In that role, I served as a Grant Coordinator, and also as a Project Coordinator (when we won bids from the federal government to host delegations of Salvadoran or Guatemalan legal scholars and public policy planners).  I also served as a Staff Attorney for the Institute, and traveled to Central America numerous times on various projects, including monitoring elections in El Salvador and assisting the Interamerican Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica with background work and also during a session of the Court.  In this job I used my Spanish heavily, and also really felt the value of my IECA background on a daily basis - it would have been a lot harder to do that job without having and utilizing my education at Valpo and my IECA courses.