Ever wonder what a Foreign Service Officer actually does on a day-to-day basis? or an immigration lawyer? or an international banker? Are you wondering what jobs IECA alumni get after graduation? or what additional schooling or training you might need for a certain career? On this page, you will find links to profiles submitted by IECA graduates who have taken the time to share with you descriptions of their job responsibilities and in some cases, the kind of training or graduate work they needed to secure these posts.


Maria  E. Brewer, '95

Management Officer, U.S. Embassy Colombo at U.S. Department of State

Please provide an overview of the kinds of duties you perform at this job.

As Management Officer, I supervise all operations of six offices that provide all logistical support for U.S. Embassy Colombo -- Financial Management, Human Resources, General Services, Facilities, Health Unit, and Community Liaison.  I supervise, directly or indirectly, 6 American staff and 150 Sri Lankan staff.  As Management Officer at a post with 60 American positions covering both Sri Lanka and the Republic of Maldives, I report directly to the Deputy Ambassador.

Ongoing Responsibilities:

1.  Direct and supervise operations of the Mission.

2.  Advise the Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador on all management issues affecting the Mission.

3.  Coordinate with other agencies through participation on various committees.

4.  Ensure use of proper internal control procedures to prevent waste, fraud, and mismanagement.

5.  Oversee budget planning; monitor and ensure appropriate use of funding.

6.  Pursue management issues with the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure the Embassy can carry out mission goals.

7.  Participate in Mission strategic planning.  Serve as the primary link between program goals and resources.

8.  Serve as board member of the Overseas School of Colombo, where the majority of mission children attend school.

9.  Protect and safeguard all classified and sensitive materials.

What additional training (beyond your undergraduate degree) did you need for your current job?

Special training programs by my employer

In your current position, do you use any of the information or skills you learned as an IECA major in particular?

Yes, understanding of economics, politics, and cross-cultural sensitivity.

If you have had positions in the past that also might be of interest to our majors, please feel free to include information about them as well.

In my career with the Foreign Service, I have served in American Embassies and Consulates in Lagos, Nigeria; Freetown, Sierra Leone; and Mumbai, India.  I have also served in the Department of State headquarters in Washington, DC.