Tim, '96

Research & Program Manager at PhaseOne Communications

Advanced Degrees:
Master's in Int’l Management, 1998, Thunderbird School of Global Mgmt.
Master's in Int’l Business, 1998, Arizona State
Master's in Int’l Studies, 2005, Claremont Graduate University
Doctorate in Int’l Relations, 2006, Claremont Graduate University       

Please provide an overview of the kinds of duties you perform at this job.
I manage a global research program for public sector clients.  After our clients present us with a research question(s), I lead the design of the research project, determine the key areas that will guide the research and analysis, and present the findings to the client. 

What additional training (beyond your undergraduate degree) did you need for your current job?

Living overseas gave me a global context in which to place key international issues.  My experience working as a counter-terrorism analyst for the Department of Defense provided a good analytical foundation for dealing with global research questions.  In addition, my research experience as a graduate student helped me refine my research strategies and tactics. 

In your current position, do you use any of the information or skills you learned as an IECA major in particular?
I relied extensively on my foreign language skills throughout my career and they enabled me to work abroad in Central America and Spain.  My political science training provided a sound foundation for my later graduate studies.  Lately, I’ve been calling on some of my economic training in conducting country-specific research. 

If you have had positions in the past that also might be of interest to our majors, please feel free to include information about them as well.
I spent two years as a counter-terrorism analyst with the Department of Defense, focused mostly on Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
Also, I spent seven years as a management consultant focused on international strategy development and performance improvement projects.