IECA prepares you for a wide variety of careers in many international arenas, from positions in international business (banking, import/export, marketing, and sales), to work in government departments or agencies involved in international matters, to jobs in non-governmental organizations involved in humanitarian, educational, or cultural services. About 50% of IECA graduates go on to do some kind of graduate work: they enroll in law school, in MBA or MIBS (Master's in International Business) programs, and graduate programs in political science or public policy, to name a few.  Browse the alumni profiles to get an idea of specific positions IECA graduates have held.


If you've graduated with an IECA degree, we invite you to complete the IECA Job Questionnaire.

• These examples of IECA graduates might give you a few career ideas:

John works in a university's International Studies Office directing that institution's study-in Japan programs.

Jane works for the Deutsche Bank in its Chicago office and travels to Germany as part of her job.

Heidi works for a Nebraska state agency that assists immigrant workers.

Jill is an immigration attorney based in Chicago.

Melissa works in Bogotà, Colombia, as Product Manager for a joint venture with General Mills Corporation.

Katrina works for an international consulting firm, specializing in the export of equipment and technical assistance for educational institutions in various countries.

Maria is a Foreign Service Officer with the US State Department, stationed in Mumbai, India.

Ben works for an international shipping firm.

Tina works for a company that deals with firms trading on the German Futures Exchange.

Erica is in charge of Foreign Study Programs for a graduate school of Management in the Chicago area.

Tim completed a Master's degree in International Management and is a Business Consultant based in California.

Dan is a relocation specialist, working in Germany.