safezonepicValparaiso University Safe Zone members include students, staff, and faculty who have attended a three-hour Safe Zone training session. This training explores the unique needs and concerns LGBTQ people face in higher education while also building their knowledge, skills, and abilities for creating a more inclusive and affirming campus for all students. Additionally, Safe Zone members display a placard in a visible location such as a door to an office or residence hall that identifies them as a friend, supporter, and campus resource for anyone seeking information or a listening ear. This placard identifies dedicated safe spaces on campus for LGBTQ people to connect with allies to the community.

During the three-hour Safe Zone training, members develop an understanding of LGBTQ terminology and symbols, history, concepts of privilege and identity development, and build skills for identifying and interrupting language and behavior that may be discriminatory. Campus resources and reporting processes are also shared. Upon completion of the training, attendees can choose to become a Safe Zone member by completing a contract expressing their commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion at Valparaiso University.

Safe Zone members are encouraged to actively participate in developing a visible and supportive community, continuing their own education around LGBTQ identities, sharing their knowledge, modeling language and behavior that is inclusive, and advocating for a campus community free from discrimination and bias. For more information, please email To request training, please complete the online submission form on this page.

 Valparaiso University Safe Zone Resource Manual (PDF)

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