About the Conference

Conversations about climate change are increasingly layered, complex–and important. Bridge/Work 2018 will build on its core principle of connecting theory and practice to bring together voices that speak to the scientific data, spiritual imperatives, and societal implications of the climate change debate. How do varying disciplines — from meteorology and environmental science to theology and political science — connect around this timely topic? How can they help us think about our own roles in addressing a global concern?

These will be the questions at the heart of the 2018 conference:
Preserve & Prosper?  Method and Morality in Facing Environmental Challenges

Saturday, April 21 from 9am to 2pm in the Helge Center at Valparaiso University

You can read about our confirmed Keynote Speaker, Dr. Janel Hanrahan, here.

Details regarding the topics and panelists for our afternoon discussions are now available.


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