The Institute for Leadership and Service was honored to welcome Dr. Janel Hanrahan as the keynote speaker for the 2018 Bridge/Work Conference.



Dr. Hanrahan is the Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences at Lyndon State College in Vermont. She teaches introductory climate science courses for both majors and non-majors, as well as upper-level courses about climate change, and she recently held a special topics course to discuss the IPCC AR5 report.

Dr. Hanrahan’s research has included the investigation of the impacts of anthropogenic climate change on the Great Lakes’ water levels, intense rainfall in the Canadian Prairies, and weather patterns around New England.

Dr. Hanrahan has experience discussing climate change with a variety of audiences spanning all ages and levels of scientific understanding. She is currently supervising a group of undergraduate students who visit schools and organizations to educate the local community about the science of climate change. She has also worked with math and science K-12 educators to integrate atmospheric science topics, including climate change, into their own classrooms.

Her presentation is title, “Starting the Climate Change Conversation: What we know and why we must act”

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