This year we organized our Practitioner Panels into three interdisciplinary conversations. Bridge/Work 2018 attendees chose which discussion to attend.

Track 1
Terms of Engagement: Framing the climate conversation

Moderated by Zach Bruick ’17,
Graduate Research Assistant at Colorado State University

The foundation of a fruitful dialogue on addressing climate change is built on deeper understanding of key terms, critical science and common values. This track will help armchair environmentalists develop a baseline for how weather, climate and environmental policy overlap and diverge and properly frame how a single phrase — climate change — encompasses a number of issues.


Track 2
A Drop in the Bucket: What can we do?

Moderated by Julie Whitaker,
Energy and Sustainability Support Specialist at Valparaiso University

Against the size and sprawling nature of the climate change threat, it is easy to be discouraged about an individual’s ability to stop it, let alone change course. Looking at the risks posed to both nature and communities, this track will look at what can be done, the part active citizens and communities can play and what is at stake when considering action vs. inaction.


Track 3
Only in America: Unpacking the Debates that Divide

Moderated by Dr. Heath W. Carter,
Associate Professor of History at Valparaiso University

Debates are designed with a specific result: One side wins. Looking at some of the debates unique to the United States’ approach to climate change — economy vs. ecology, faith vs. science, domestic vs. international — this track allows panelists to address important differences while also shedding light on the ways that we can get beyond oppositional rhetoric to real solutions.

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