If you have questions about the materials presented at any of these workshops, please email lead.serve@valpo.edu.

Manage Conflict Constructively:
Working with alumna Sarah Manzeske Torres ’00, former Director of Student Conflict and Resolution at Roosevelt University, we will use case studies and small group discussion to help students develop a healthier approach to managing conflict well.

Presented on April 18




Making Better Conversation:

The key to better conversation isn’t having wittier things to say, but rather, asking better questions. This workshop will help students develop confidence in asking questions in three critical contexts: networking, interviews and in presentations.
Presented on Jan. 31

 Fall 2017

Articulate Your Value Proposition:

How to convey who you are and what you value with authenticity and professionalism in interviews, personal statements and beyond.

Presented on Sept. 13 in partnership with Dr. Anna Stewart, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences.




Thrive in Diverse Teams:

Develop a wider definition of diversity, learn what social identities you bring to the table and how even groups with radical differences can use them for successful outcomes.

Presented on Oct. 25 in partnership with Janelle Love, Assistant Director of Multicultural Programs.




Develop Your Professional Edge: 
Learn secrets to smarter process and problem solving, making you an invaluable addition to any team.

Presented on Nov. 15 in partnership with Valpo’s Office of Continuous Improvement.

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