Those who attend the Skill-Building Workshops leave with a Resource Pocket Guide that includes a list of On-Campus Resources. On this page, we offer a list of valuable online resources for each of the workshops.


When you are frustrated with someone…

When someone is frustrated with you…

  • The Conflict Resolution Network provides free resources and training on conflict resolution.
  • This article describes the necessity of considering that you might be wrong and the willingness to hear out opposing views, using modern political disagreements as an example.
  • Tips for how to act when a coworker or acquaintance gets upset with you and how to address the other person.

When you are part of team where others are experiencing conflict…

  • This website lists ways in which a business can enable employees to handle conflict effectively, and provides related articles on the left side of the page.
  • Suggestions of how to manage conflict within organizations.
  • A step-by-step set of instructions on handling conflict effectively in the work environment.
  • This article focuses on the importance of establishing interpersonal communication and its role in resolving conflicts.


Best of the Internet: Questions in Presentations

Best of the Internet: Questions in Interviews

Best of the Internet: Questions in Networking Events

BONUS: 8 Bad Communication Habits You Need to Break Immediately

FALL 2017


Facilitated by the Career Center:

Best of the Internet: Resumes

Best of the Internet: Interviews

Best of the Internet: Personal Statements



Welcome Project

The Welcome Project, created by Associate Professor of Art Liz Wuerffel and Associate Professor of English Allison Schuette, collects oral histories about the complexity of living together amidst increasing diversity and difference. Students, faculty, and staff at Valparaiso University and members of the surrounding community tell stories that are captured in video or audio format by Professors Wuerffel and Schuette and their students.

The Welcome Project has collected more than 300 interviews and posted more than 230 stories to their website – For details and to find out how you can be involved, email

Best of the Internet: Implicit Bias

Best of the Internet: Working Styles



On campus, you’re best resource is the Office of Continuous Improvement (OCI). Its primary goal is to improve process efficiency and effectiveness at Valparaiso University. They are here to help not only departments, but also student organizations. Continuous improvement means evaluating processes regularly using proven methods and tools to ensure that expected outcomes are achieved in the most efficient way possible. While individuals make incremental improvements every day, rapid improvement that crosses departments can be difficult. To request an OCI consultation for your student organization go to

OCI has a great resource list on its site, including an infographic charting the anatomy of a great meeting, and Six Sigma Toolbox. Go to

Additional Resources highlighted at the live presentation:

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