Previous Recipients

2021 Virtues of Vocation Recipients

Reva Johnson, Ph.D.

Reva Johnson, PhD Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering Virtues of Vocation Statement

Richard Sévère Associate Professor of English Virtues of Vocation Statement

Mark Bartusch Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Theology Virtues of Vocation Statement

Nomination and Submission Prompt

Recipients were first nominated and then submitted an statement answering the question What sorts of virtues do you aim to embody in your academic vocation?. They were also asked tie in their response to some of the following questions:

What sort of people are we to be in these uncertain times? This past year forced many of us to rethink what matters most—both for our personal lives and our professional futures. A pandemic sent many of us home for months. Family members were suddenly jobless or furloughed. Emerging social protest movements drew our attention to systemic injustices and political divisions that threaten the order of our society. In anxious times, we might want to ask: What really matters? What sort of person should I be, in order to provide justice to my neighbor? What sorts of loves should I cultivate, even when everything seems uncertain and unstable? What am I called to do, personally and professionally, when things beyond my control have placed a giant question mark on so many things that used to be assumed?