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Kyrie and Gloria in Liturgy and Life

April 25–27, 2022

Kyrie and Gloria. This liturgical pairing—Greek and Latin, East and West, eleison and excelsis—has been sung throughout centuries of change. In our own time, cries for mercy reverberate in moans of the oppressed, creation’s groaning, and our laments for racism and violence. Kyrie! Echoes of praise resound in the dance of molecules, through the kaleidoscope of natural beauty around us, and in the songs of angels, saints, and all living creatures. Gloria!

As a contrasting yet interrelated pair, Kyrie and Gloria invite reflection on the nature of paradox, particularly the challenges and opportunities as we cross the threshold into post-pandemic paradigms. Through plenaries, workshops, and liturgies, the 2022 Institute of Liturgical Studies at Valparaiso University will strive to balance received wisdom with new expressions by considering such topics as:

  • diverse expressions of lament and praise;
  • liturgy, music, and preaching in the midst of traumas, tensions, and trials;
  • the nature and meaning of assembly; and
  • creative opportunities that emerge during crisis and uncertainty.

These themes and questions will challenge and inspire us to ground our work and worship as we chart and navigate change, dwelling together within the meanings of ”Kyrie and Gloria in Liturgy and Life.”

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