congregationInstitute of Liturgical Studies

Our Mission Statement
Transforming the Church Through Worship

Our Vision
The Institute of Liturgical Studies will be a pivot point connecting church leaders, congregations, and other partners in caring for the church’s liturgy and song.

Our Philosophy
The mission of the Institute of Liturgical Studies is to renew the church’s worship by nurturing and forming those who lead liturgy and song.

The Institute of Liturgical Studies nurtures:

  • Dedicated to being a regular source of renewal and re-creation, the Institute seeks, through worship, music, and study, to provide inspiration and serious reflection for those who serve in the church.

The Institute of Liturgical Studies forms:

  • Designed to engage in conversation about, and to explore new directions in, worship, the Institute seeks to shape liturgists and musicians for the whole church.

While the Institute finds its historical roots in the Lutheran tradition, it embraces the wider evangelical catholic tradition and celebrates the heritage of the earliest Christian communities, the Reformation era, and the many and varied faith communities of the present day.