The global service major at Valparaiso University is an interdisciplinary program designed for students considering careers with international organizations and development agencies or students who wish to equip themselves for global service as they prepare for a different primary career. It provides background in social policy, global issues, and in the learning and practice of humanitarian service.

Among the minimum of 45 hours required in approved courses, the global service major’s course of study includes the introductory courses Global Perspectives, International Relations, and Global Humanitarianism Examined. Support core courses include offerings in social work, economics, political science, and theology along with other specialized work.

Majors are required to complete the global service learning internship, usually in conjunction with Study Abroad, and the senior seminar, a course that focuses on reading, writing, and research on a topic important to international humanitarian concerns.

Global service can be completed as a second major as well and is often a complementary course of study for students interested in foreign languages or other internationally focused areas. Foreign language offerings at Valparaiso University include majors in German, French, Spanish, and Chinese and minors in Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese and Japanese studies.