Graduated: August 2016

Degree: B.S. Business Administration & Finance

Current Job: Financial Analyst, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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Best memories from my Valpo days:  

When I studied at Valpo, I felt l was surrounded by my family. All the people are nice, and I love the campus and how Valpo is a safe city. During my study in Valpo, everyone in campus was very helpful and they wanted me to be successful! That’s what makes me proud Valpo alumni.

How studying at Valpo prepared me:

Having small classes, the newest version of study materials, and very professional professors helped me a lot to be successful during my study at Valpo. Also, I benefited from my professors advice, and their experiences made me think ahead to have a great and successful future.

Recent travels:

Last vacation, I came back to the States and I visited my roommate in NC, and I celebrated his birthday with his family.