Abdullah AlZahrani

Abdullah AlZahrani

Abdullah AlZahrani Account Payable Sr. Analyst – National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) Graduated: August 2016
Degree: B.S. Business Administration & Finance

Best memories from my Valpo days:  

When I studied at Valpo, I felt l was surrounded by my family. All the people are nice, and I love the campus and how Valpo is a safe city. During my study in Valpo, everyone in campus was very helpful, cooperated, and they wanted me to be successful! That’s what makes me proud to be Valpo alumni.

I truly appreciate the kindness and support we received from all VU faculty, and especially in the College of Business as well as the community. I loved every aspect of living in Valpo, from going to VU, the amazing community, beautiful weather and to living close to Chicago City.

How studying at Valpo prepared me:

The amazing learning experience I had in Valpo helped me not only from a knowledge point of view, but I was also able to improve the essential skills needed to start my career. Having small classes, the newest version of study materials, and very professional professors helped me a lot to be successful during my study at Valpo. Also, I benefited from my professors’ advice, and their experiences made me think ahead to have a great and successful future.

Recent travels:

Since leaving Valpo, I have visited many countries located in Asia, Africa, Europe and the U.S. The way I see traveling is that it is an opportunity to explore, learn, and experience other countries and its cultures.

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