Changbum Sohn

Sohn, Changbum

Changbum Sohn Geotechnical/Tunnel Engineer Graduated: May 2009
Degree: B.S., Civil Engineering

Best memories from your Valpo days:

During my Junior year, I participated in the Valpo international food festival. My brother and I cooked authentic Korean foods that were rice with Bulgoggi and Kimchi. We sold a meal for $5. I believe that we sold all our foods out and earned about $150 at the end of one-day event. That was one of my favorite memories in Valpo because we could advertise home foods and culture to people from other countries.

How Valpo prepared you for your career path:

At Valpo, I worked with Professor Carmine Polito as a research assistant by running experiments for his research. Such research experiences led me to academic interests, as well as better academic performances. Consequently, I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the master program (2009-2011) and Northwestern University for the Ph.D. program (2014-2018). I have been working for WSP USA as a geotechnical/tunnel engineer since January 2019. In short, Valpo helped me gain fundamental backgrounds that are necessary for the preparation of professional expertise, as well as to broaden my minds in that I could understand and accept diverse belief, culture and customs.

A recent adventure:

I travel to South Korea every year to see my family and friends.

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